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Creating a CentOS-Based LAMP Virtual Image

In doing some preliminary research and planning for a client's new project, I determined his current in-house deployment platform would not be sufficient given his requirements. Specifically, the project calls for a moderate amount of URL re-writing and the ability to programmatically FTP files to a remote host. The client is running IIS on Windows Server 2008; I’m not too keen on ISAPI rewrite and IIS Rewrite seems to have fallen off the face of the Internet, and the ftp_ssl_connect() function is only available in PHP if both the ftp module and OpenSSL support are statically built-in so we would have to maintain a build environment for him, too. A LAMP-stack makes more sense. Apache can rewrite URLs with mod_rewrite and compiling PHP is a more supported practice on Linux than it is on Windows.

I discussed the obstacles and some possible solutions with the client and he's okay with LAMP. Instead of bringing in more hardware, though, I suggested taking advantage of virtualizatio…