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PHP Assertions

I stumbled upon assertions in PHP today, though why I didn’t know they exist after working in the language for so long and what I was originally looking for when I came across them are both mysteries. And with the increasing focus on software quality in the PHP community, I wondered why I hadn’t seen them used by others. I decided to ask around.I asked a few friends if they knew about assertions. They did. I asked if they used them. They didn’t.Remi Woler: I think nobody has found a good use case. It weaves tests into code. How are you going to recover from a failed assertion?Davey Shafik: They kinda suck. For example: assert('mysql_query("")') It's a string of code that gets eval’d.So, PHP assert didn’t get stellar endorsements from people whose opinions I respect.My main experience with assertions comes from C where they are defined as macros. Its argument must evaluate true, otherwise the program terminates with an error. These checks can be stripped at compil…