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Esperanto Accented Characters in Ubuntu

Today I got fed up with typing Esperanto using the x-method, the practice of following letters that would be accented with an X since the accented characters aren't on the typical keyboard. For example, the word "ankaĆ­" would be typed as "ankaux." This is the 21st century, though, and there had to be some easy way enter properly-accented characters!Believe it or not, there is an Esperanto keymap, but I didn't feel like going that extreme since it would make entering other characters that I type on a day-to-day basis more difficult.Instead I tracked down how to augment my English (US) keymap with the extra functionality I needed, and it was easier than I had expected it to be. So if you want to set up your keyboard to type Esperanto accented characters, here's the steps.First, find the Keyboard Layout applet in Ubuntu/Gnome's System Settings window.Then, select the keymap you want to modify (here there's only one) and click the Options button in …