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Top-10 PHP String Functions

By day I work as a programmer at ShoreGroup, Inc. By night I'm a freelance developer and now the managing editor for SitePoint's latest site, Helping out with the site has been pretty fun so far; my Australian counterparts are all pretty cool, and I've met some really great new authors too. If you haven't visited yet, take a moment and check out (there's still some wrinkles to iron out on the site, but we're working to identify and fix them all as soon as we can).Part of my duties as a managing editor include working with authors to make sure the site's content is well balanced. is targeting PHP programmers of all skill levels, so there should be a good mix of basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced content. Planning for a beginner article that demonstrates basic string handling functions, I wondered which function to highlight. I wanted to show ones that would be most relevant, not necessarily ones that were m…