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Some Go Irks and Quirks

Now that Jump Start MySQL is published, I’m taking advantage of the spare time I have on my hands while it lasts. I’ve helped organize the Syracuse PHP Users Group, reconnected with some old friends, and gave some love to Kiwi, my forever-project programming language. Moreover, I decided to rewrite Kiwi using Go as it’s one of those languages I found interesting but never had a reason to use in any serious fashion. And now that I’ve got some real experience with it, while I still find myself impressed by some of Go’s features, some things have become really annoying. I still really like Go’s data typing; it’s static, but it feels dynamic because the compiler is smart enough to deduce a value’s type. If you write your code well then you’ll rarely see a type name outside of a function signature or struct or interface definition. It’s nice to have type safety without the verbosity (yes I’m looking at you, PHP7). I wish := behaved slightly different, though. Instead of always an allocat…